farmlisty™ Certified Agricultural Extension Officer – FCAEO

Farmlisty™ Certified Agricultural Extension Officer – FCAEO

Agricultural Extension Officer Job Description

What does an agricultural extension officer do?
An agricultural extension officer directly works with farmers and companies related to agriculture. Their primary role is to aid these groups to make better decisions to increase agricultural production. The extension officer is constantly armed with the latest techniques and information related to agriculture and they relay this information to farmers and agricultural business.

Typical work activities of an agricultural extension officer?
Agricultural extension officer often provides consultation with farmers and agricultural businesses. In these consultations, they give talks, guidance and actual demonstration on the latest technologies related to agriculture and on how they can take advantage of such technologies. They also attend seminars and also work with other experts in agriculture to learn more or even develop new methods that could advance production.

Training and education requirements?
The educational requirements for agricultural extension officer are the same for agricultural engineers. They need to have a bachelor’s degree related to agriculture or they can earn a degree that will lead them to agricultural engineering. The only difference for agricultural extension officer is the required hands-on experience. An agricultural extension officer has to deal with daily farming problems so they have to think fast of practical methods of dealing with these problems.

Where can I work as an agricultural extension officer?
An agricultural extension officer often works for the government as they work as liaison officers that provide additional training to farmers and agricultural businesses. Private companies may also require the services of an agricultural extension officer as their knowledge is valuable for the development of their technology and products related to agriculture. Non-government organizations and related groups would also require the assistance of an agricultural extension officer in relation to their cause.

Can I work for myself in this job?
Most agricultural extension officers become private consultants if they want to be self-employed. They target private institutions that require their knowledge, expertise and experience in the industry. Other agricultural extension officers apply what they know in their own farmland.


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